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Last night I went to an ice cream parlor and met up with some friends. There ended up being ten of us. We all started playing quelf. M was super embarrassed because he works at the restaurant across the street and he didn't want his boss to see him acting stupid. M finally convinced us all to leave after we had bought ice cream. He wanted us to go to the dollar store and buy snacks to smuggle into the movie theater. So we all followed him to the dollar store and once we had all gone in we found him in the toy aisle picking up a pallet of silly string. He then figured out he didn't have 36$ to buy 36 cans of silly string. So he bought 2. I picked up 3 and then grabbed a bag of pork rinds, a Pepsi, and a box of sour patch kids. K and I got back into my car and drove to the movie theater. As we were driving K was trying to shove all the food we’d gotten into our purses. We had to leave the silly string in my car. As we were walking into the movie theater we met up with everyone again. J ended up having a bigger bag so she took the pork rinds and we walked in. I bought my ticket to the Avengers and I talked to C who was working at the concession stand. J caught up to me and we went and got a row of seats for the group. I had the aisle and J sat by me and we waited for everyone else to come in. B and his friend had been at the warming house and they ended up showing up at the movie theater too. He sat across the aisle and kept begging for my sour patch kids. Once the group had all sat down the movie started. We had timed it just about right. J and I were sharing the pork rinds and someone kept passing around gummy lifesavers. When the movie had finished we stayed until the credits were completely done and then J brought out a bunch of glow sticks. She handed them out to anyone that wanted them. Once we had gotten out to the parking lot J disappeared and M ambushed me with silly string. I ran to my car and grabbed a can, but I couldn't get the cap off. So there was silly string everywhere and the whole group was having an all out war. M grabbed my silly string couldn't get the cap off either so he stomped on it and it kind of exploded. Then a cop drove by really slowly so K and I quickly jumped into my car and drove to her house. I dropped her off and drove home. Once I had gotten home I started clearing the silly string off my car and off the seats. As I walked into the house I was leaving a trail of silly string. I couldn't get it all out of my hair, and it took forever to get it off my clothes. Just as I had finished de-silly stringing everything M showed up at the house. He had come to drop off my jacket because someone riding with him had borrowed it. He then proceeded to tell me about how he got pulled over right as he turned onto my road. Apparently he was driving close to the line and the cop thought he might be drunk. Once the cop saw that he was not under the influence he let him go without even a warning. So we all had a pretty wild night. 

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May 9, 2015


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